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Yes we have already some shortcuts you can use. To see which ones simply press: “shift” + “?”

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We have a special feature just for that. Simply press the “tab” key. A window will appear in which the input-field is already activated. Now simply type the name of the tag you want to filter for and press “enter” as soon as the one you want is selected. It will then set the filter for the selected one automatically.

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People can get added to a collection by clicking on the three yellow dots right of the collection name. There you can then select “Share Collection”. On the appearing site, you can add users by supplying their email addresses. They will then get informed via email that they got access. For each person, you can then also set what rights they have.

Admin -> Can add and remove users. Could also remove you from the collection
Tag -> Create/remove tags
Entries -> Add/remove entries and apply tags

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Our Zapier app is still in beta and will so not be displayed by default on the Zapier website. To get access simply write us an email to [email protected]

We will then send you an invite asap.

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Nothing, link.fish is free.

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If you save a website from which no information gets extracted even if there is information to extract, or if not all information gets extracted you can do one of two things:

  • Inform us. This can be done by clicking on the exclamation mark in the top right corner of the entry. We will then try to add support/fix the issue asap.
  • Add support by yourself. That can be done with our “Data Selector” on the top of the page. “Plugins -> Data Selector”.
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We currently declare link.fish as “beta” because it is totally new and we know that our product is not perfect yet. Some users will for sure have one or the other issue or maybe see an error message or two. When that happens please inform us we will then try to fix the problems asap. Thanks a lot for understanding and for your help!

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To be able to display you the information of the apartments, we have to visit the website first our self. Like you know opening a page takes some time and and varies a lot between different website. This plus the time it takes us to find the information on the page, creating a screenshot, saving everything and then sending it to you can take a while. Depending on how many people are currently requesting pages there is maybe an additional delay because we have sadly not unlimited resources. However normally it should not take longer then 5-10 seconds.

We are always working on speeding up the process but are still in a very early stage so please bear with us. Thanks!

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