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No more text-files

Automatically get the information of the websites you are interested in and work with it together with others in real-time! - Introduction Video

See what you are interested in

Depending on the page you bookmark automatically extracts the data you actually care about. No matter if bedrooms for apartments, rating of movies or the cook time of your favorite recipe. - Example Apartment

Bookmark of: - Example City

Bookmark of: - Example Company

Bookmark of: - Example Food

Bookmark of: - Example Movie

Bookmark of: - Example Recipe

Bookmark of: - Example Person

Bookmark of: - Example Repository

Bookmark of: - Example Restaurant

Bookmark of:

Work with others in real time

Invite other people to your collection to work with them or make it public for everbody to see. All changes made will immediately be visible by everyone.

Display entries how you need them

Depending on the type of the saved website and your current goal they can be displayed in multiple ways.


List View Example


Grid View Example


Filter Example

Find faster what you are looking for

You can search, sort and filter by any property and so find what you look for much faster. You can combine as many as you want.

And much more...

Keyboard shortcuts

Navigate and find what you are looking for even faster.

Zapier integration

Integrate easily with other applications like Google Docs, Gmail, …

Data Export

All data can easily get exported as csv or json. UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

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For the latest download as JSON, CSV and RDF/Turtle:

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