Bookmarking meets Web-Parsing

Automatically get the information of websites you are interested in and collaborate with others in real-time!

See what you are interested in

Depending on the page you bookmark do we automatically extract the information you actually care about.
No matter if bedrooms for apartments, ratings for movies or the cook time of your favorite recipe.


Bookmark of


Bookmark of

Company - Example Company

Bookmark of

Food - Example Food

Bookmark of

Movie - Example Movie

Bookmark of

Person - Example Person

Bookmark of

Recipe - Example Recipe

Bookmark of

Repository - Example Repository

Bookmark of

Restaurant - Example Restaurant

Bookmark of

Collaborate with others in real time

Real time collaboration

Invite other people to your collection to work with them or make it public for everbody to see. All changes made will immediately be visible by everyone.

Display entries how you need them

Depending on the type of the saved website and your current goal they can be displayed in multiple ways.


List View Example


Grid View Example


Find what you are looking for faster

Filter Example

You can search, sort and filter by any property and so find what you look for faster.
Additionally is it possible to filter by tags or date added.

Export Data

The data can not just be used on you can also easily export it.

Currently it is possible to download the urls of a collection as html-bookmark-file or the full data with all properties as CSV or JSON.

HTML - Export
CSV - Export
JSON - Export

Add entries easily

From Websites

Urls can get extracted by simply selecting parts of the Website and then copy & pasting it directly into

From Text

Urls can also be found automatically in any text like for example an email. Simply select the text which contains the urls and then copy & paste it

Open Tabs

If you have many tabs open with apartments you want to bookmark you can add a filtered selection of them

And much more...

Pro Account & API

We are currently working on a "Pro Version" which will offer additional functionality.
This includes archiving bookmarked pages, priority support & rendering, faster refresh times and more.
The price will be around 2-3€ per month. 

We are also creating an API for companies and professional user to use our parsers independently. 

Get informed

If you want to get informed when we are ready with Pro Account and API simply give your email address and we keep you up to date.

Pricing is free and will always stay free!

Only for additional features, plugins and API access an upcoming Pro Account will be needed for which we charge for.

More information above.

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For the latest download as JSON, CSV and RDF/Turtle:

Demo Collections

The example collections contain bookmarked pages from different web sites.
The demo has the same functionality as a normal collection would have. The only differences are:
  • no bookmarks can get added or removed
  • no tags can get added or removed
  • no users can get invited to a collection
  • notes can not get changed